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We specialize in custom and have bespoke down to an art form.  If an architect or designer can draw it, we can carve it out of stone with very few exceptions.  Please challenge us.  We love finding ways to make something work that others thought couldn't be done.  

 Some of our favorite projects are those that incorporate the floor tile, base molding, door casing, window surrounds, stair case, columns, wainscoting, and wall cladding all from either the same, or complimentary stone selections.  Walking through the finished project instantly transports you across the Atlantic to a grand European estate.  Having an understanding of historical classicism, and few limits to what we can carve by hand, has helped us achieve this for our clients.

Please don't miss some of the details in the photograph above that make a striking difference in the overall feel of authenticity.  Note the length of the radius base molding beneath the staircase is consistent with the 30" length of the straight base molding throughout the entry.  Note the lack of joints on the shaft and entablature of the door casing and window surround.  And don't miss how the top profile detail of the base molding continues up the shaft of the door casing until it kills into the bottom of the entablature.  To quote Charles Eames - "The details are not the details.  They make the design."



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