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Ideal - a principle, idea, or standard of excellence worth emulating.  Below are some of the principles and ideas that make us who we are; and our work what it is.
~ Learn More, Always ~

There are few things we value more than our library of lithographs, drawings, and works of both current designers, and historical masters of architecture.   We continue to add books ranging from Sir Edwin Lutyens and Quinlan Terry, to Palladio and Vitruvius.  We have thousands of illustrated carving detail options that fit nearly every period and style of architcture.  All are at your disposal.

We have emphasized the quality of our drawings as much as we have emphasized the capability of our carvers.  That is one of the most important reasons why we can produce custom piece after custom piece that meets, or exceeds, the expectations of our clients.  The drawings do not leaving anything to chance or interpretation.

~ Excellent Drawings Make Excellent Carvings ~

~Each room has it's own emotion.~

How do you want to feel in your room?  Answering this question is a good place to start when making choices about color, architectural periods, materials, finishes, and patterns.  All of these have an effect on how you and your guests will feel when in that area of your home.  How you feel there (knowingly or otherwise) will greatly influence how much you enjoy being there.

You may not be able to put your finger on it exactly.  But even if you aren't an architect, you can certainly tell the difference between a carving that has been scaled appropriately, and one that is too tall, wide, or has disproportionate profile ratios within itself.  Knowledge of classical profile proportions, as well as an understanding of Human, Residential, and Monumental scale, has been integral to the authentic look of our carvings.

Relationships are important to us.  We build them carefully, so that they last the test of  an extended time period working together.  Clear communication, honoring our word, being available, treating our clients how we would want to be treated; all are basic fundamentals of any good relationship.  We treat our clients with respect, and expect to be treated with respect.  Some of the projects we work on take several years to complete.  We conduct ourselves over the duration in a manner that often leads to a continued friendship once the dust settles and the work has been completed.  We love what we do and hope you catch some of that spirit as we create together.

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