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Our process for bespoke is time tested.  The starting point varies with each project.  Sometimes the architect or designer already has a very defined drawing prepared.  In those circumstances, we begin with creating production drawings for the carver and then proceed with the process from there.  Some projects begin with a photograph.  Others, begin with a brainstorming session that draws from our library of lithographs, drawings, and published works.  We are more than willing to meet you where you're at and adjust our process to best fit your unique situation.  

"Keep your word."
"Your brand is only as good as your reputation."

- Sir Richard Branson - 

- Matthew Rzechula - 



The first step in the production process is to take site measurements of the firebox and any other factors that may limit the design of the mantel; such as wall length, gas key placement, and scale of the room.  Because the size and shape of the firebox plays a key role in the final aesthetic of the mantel, we prefer to be involved in the firebox selection process. 



Excellent Drawings Make Excellent Carvings!  -  This mantra of ours cannot be emphasized enough.  It is one of the most important aspects of our work.  A good drawing leaves nothing open to the interpretation of either the carver, or the design team that must approve the details prior to the beginning of carving.  Every radius and return is detailed.  It eliminates doubt of what the final product is expected to look like, and the possibility of the finished piece turning out much different from the client's original expectations.  

The drawing process also gives us the opportunity to make corrections to the scale and shape of the mantel before it is carved from stone.  Drawings are fine tuned after a final site fitting where we often make slight adjustments that turn a good piece into a spectacular one. 



We hate surprises.  The only assumption we make is that our clients hate surprises as much as we do.  To eliminate surprises, we send our clients approval photos of each carving prior to crating and shipping.  This gives us the chance to go over each detail, in detail, and make changes to anything that is incorrectly carved.  



Our goal is to make the process of custom carved marble architectural pieces smooth and effortless for our clients.  We achieve this best by using our time tested system for turnkey site delivery and installation.  Our installers are insured and equipped to handle virtually any variable they may come across.  We don't just handle the problems that are bound to occur with this level of custom work; we get ahead of them so that the problem is solved at the project's conception.  


Often this is achieved through excellent communication with the builder throughout the process.  We make the builder's job simple and easy by being very good at what we do.  Keeping the site clean, disposal of crates, being available when called, and finishing strong are hallmarks of our work.  


Communication between the supplier and the installer is another advantage of turnkey installation.  One does not blame the other when they are the same company.  We work as a team to make sure the client is satisfied.  Nothing else matters.  Period.  Our installers do not install parts of the mantel upside down, or leave pieces out.  If they are unsure how something was designed to be assembled, we are right there with them managing the installation.  Experience has taught us that this is the best way to avoid many serious mistakes that are expensive to fix.  

Though our turnkey service is recommended, it is not a requirement to work with us.  If a builder already has an installer they prefer to use, we are happy to sell the piece only.  Likewise, the piece can be picked up at our warehouse by a freight company of your choice.





Once the drawings are approved, the hand carving process begins.  Our carvers come from families whom have been in the art for generations, and are masters of their craft.  We are consistently amazed at the quality of their details and workmanship. 

Carving can take two weeks to three months, depending on what we are creating.  We will go over the time expectations of each individual order with you. 

We work with carvers both abroad, and in Texas; which typically depends on what stone is selected and the degree of carving detail required.  


Orders from overseas normally take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive by ocean vessel.  By air freight, the arrival time is approximately 1 week.  Air freight is an additional charge and can be quoted according to the weight of the carving and current price per kilogram at the time of shipping.

Orders from Texas carvers should arrive several days after completion and crating.

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