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Creating unique, custom stone floors is a craft we excel at and love.  Our turnkey service option ensures accuracy and quality from concept through installation.  Our goal is to make the process smooth and routine, even though the finished floor has the appearance of one that is rare and spectacular.

One of the attributes required is precise mathematical symmetry.  The Visconti Pattern shown in the Ballast Black Marble above was drawn in CAD and scaled to fit symmetrically within the border around the entry.

The pattern to the right has three separate center points: one between the dining, den, and front door, the second beneath the entry chandelier above the staircase, and the final centered in the back hallway leading to an exterior porch door behind the staircase.  To hit all three center points in the entry hall, we had to figure the width of each marble stripe to the 1/32", account for grout lines, and make absolutely certain our site measurements were exact.  Again, CAD was used to ensure the layout was what the client was hoping for prior to cutting marble.

We have a developed a system for producing quantity field tile orders that have the quality and appearance of a custom floor, yet at very competitive rates.  Please inquire and we will guide you through the process and help you find the option that works best for your particular project.  The photo above is an example.

We can easily combine any of the different stone options we regularly offer when ordering tile from our hand carving factory.

Creating special finishes to fit the individual preferences of our clients is part of our craft that we are particularly proud of.  In the photo above, it was very important to our client that the large scale, varying depth, running bond pattern had a very heavy and random chiseled edge finish.  They did not want it to look like it went through a machine, and so we chiseled it aggressively by hand.  The client below wanted an aged, rustic tile for their wall cladding; but with subtle edges.  Both wanted the finish to have a light patina so the stone appeared to have been there for years.  We were able to create something unique that each of them loved.

We have a library of patterns and floors to draw from.  We can cut nearly any shape.  The size of the tile is limited only by the size of the blocks from the quarry.  Our finishing techniques are focused on artistic touch rather than mass production.  


Come to us with your ideas and vision.  We will create something special together.

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