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Until I spent an afternoon in an old Roman bath in Turkey, I had no idea how natural and soft the touch of marble and travertine would feel against my skin.  Most of our clients are initially drawn to the marble bath tub because of the beauty and rarity of it.  For me, the most attractive quality is the comfort.  Similar to a hot stone massage, the marble retains the heat of hot water poured into it much longer than synthetic tubs; and the softer touch against your skin is incomparable. 


We have taken comfort a step further by carving one end of the Amalfi Bath Tub with a curved slope that evenly supports your head, neck, shoulders, and back.  Once inside, you can lay effortlessly with your head above water.  This allows for complete release of muscle tension so you can fully relax.

Finaly, the typical length of our bath tubs is 6 feet.  However, in the spirit of true luxury, we have carved custom bath tubs scaled to the height of our clients for a personal fit.  

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